Kofi Annan death: World leaders honour former UN chief

Media captionKofi Annan accepts his Nobel Peace Prize World figures have been paying tribute to former UN secretary-general and Nobel laureate Kofi Annan, who has died at the age of 80. Current UN chief Antonio Guterres hailed him as “a guiding force for good” and Russian President Vladimir Putin described a “remarkable person”. Ex-US President […]

Ancient Egypt: Cheese discovered in 3,200-year-old tomb

Image copyright University of Catania and Cairo University Image caption The ancient cheese was reportedly contained in broken jars A substance found by archaeologists working in an Ancient Egyptian tomb has proved to be one of the oldest cheeses ever discovered. Several years ago, the team discovered broken jars in the tomb of Ptahmes, a […]

‘Save trees when roasting Eid sheep’ in Niger

Image copyright Anadolu/Getty Images Image caption Rams are particularly prized as sacrifices during Eid al-Adha People in Niger are being urged to curb their use of firewood at next week’s Eid al-Adha Muslim festival. It is an occasion when families often sacrifice sheep before roasting and eating them. The capital, Niamey, is expected to burn […]

Africa’s week in pictures: 10-16 August 2018

A selection of the best photos from across Africa and of Africans elsewhere this week. Image copyright AFP Image caption Clare Byarugaba, who was outed as a lesbian by a Ugandan newspaper against her will, competes at the 2018 Gay Games in Paris on Friday… Image copyright AFP Image caption … “I was so proud […]

Polluted lives: The cost of South Africa’s gold rush

Johannesburg in South Africa has one of the world’s largest gold deposits. After decades of mining, large swathes of the population are thought to be exposed to toxic and radioactive mine waste. The BBC’s Sophie Ribstein went to meet people living close to the dumps to find out what effect it is having on their […]

‘I met my IS captor on a German street’

Media captionAshwaq, a Yazidi teenager sold by Islamic State, came face-to-face with her former captor A Yazidi teenager sold into slavery by Islamic State has told the BBC of her horror after she escaped to Germany, only to come face-to-face with her captor in the street. Ashwaq was only 14 when Islamic State fighters stormed […]

Apple files stored by teen in ‘hacky hack hack’ folder

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The boy hacked Apple because he was a fan of the firm, reports from the court case say A teenage boy from Australia has pleaded guilty to hacking into Apple’s network and downloading internal files, according to reports. The 16-year-old accessed 90 gigabytes worth of files, breaking into the […]

Public ‘back’ taxes to tackle single-use plastic waste

Image copyright PA There is high public support for using the tax system to reduce waste from single-use plastics, the Treasury says. A consultation on how taxes could tackle the rising problem and promote recycling attracted 162,000 responses. Treasury Minister Robert Jenrick said the government was looking at “smart, intelligent incentives” to get plastic producers […]

George Papadopoulos: Mueller proposes sentence for ex-Trump aide

Image copyright Twitter Image caption George Papadopoulos said he was told the Russians had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton US special counsel Robert Mueller has recommended a prison sentence of up to six months for former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos. Mr Mueller, head of an investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election, said […]

Sixteen nurses get pregnant at Arizona hospital ICU

Image copyright Banner Health Image caption Some of the nurses gave a news conference on Friday and joked that they had schemed together to get Christmas off Pregnancy might just be catching at a hospital in Mesa, Arizona, where 16 nurses are expecting at once. That’s 10% of the nursing staff in the intensive care […]

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