India launches new single nationwide tax – New York Daily News

NEW DELHI (AP) — India’s Parliament held a special midnight session Friday to introduce a new single nationwide tax, replacing a complicated mix of state and federal taxes that will change the cost of nearly everything people buy. India’s president and the prime minister pressed a button heralding the major overhaul of the taxation system […]

14-week football playing season to be examined | –

The Division I Football Oversight Committee will examine potential changes to the football playing season, including the possibility of a 14-week schedule, among the key agenda items on which it plans to focus in the coming months. Committee members began preliminary talks on that issue, as well as the size of football support […]

Trump travel ban won’t keep engaged couples apart after all – ABC News

Paul Gottinger, who applied nearly a year ago to bring his Iranian fiancee to the United States so they could be married, went to bed feeling hopeless. The Trump administration’s travel ban, as first outlined on Wednesday, required people from six mostly Muslim countries to have a business or close family relationship with someone in […]

Qatari riyal trade disrupted at several UK banks –

At least six British banks have said they had fully or partially stopped dealing in Qatari riyals as the Gulf crisis disrupted overseas trading of Qatar’s currency. A spokeswoman for Britain’s Lloyds Banking Group said on Friday a “third-party supplier” which handles its foreign exchange service had ceased trading in Qatar’s riyal as of […]