Senator Tammy Duckworth brings her baby to chamber floor

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Sleeping soundly, 10-day old Maile Pearl Bowlsbey is blissfully unaware she is making history Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth has brought her baby to the floor of the US Congress’ upper chamber a day after it overturned a longstanding baby ban. Ms Duckworth, 50, arrived with daughter Maile in her […]

Southwest Airlines engine explosion linked to prior accident

Image copyright EPA Image caption Signs of metal fatigue were found where the fan blade separated from the engine, experts said A mid-air engine explosion that punctured a passenger jet window has been linked to a similar incident in 2016, US investigations show. A female passenger died after she was nearly sucked from the cabin […]

Ex-Playboy model free to discuss alleged Trump affair

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Karen McDougal says she was tricked into staying silent about the alleged affair Former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal has settled with American Media Inc (AMI), freeing her to discuss her alleged affair with Donald Trump. Ms McDougal had signed a $150,000 deal with AMI tabloid The National Enquirer which […]

Texas emergency operator jailed for 911 call hang ups

Image copyright Houston Police Department Image caption Crenshanda Williams terminated calls from people including reports of robberies and murders A former 911 operator in Houston, Texas has been found guilty of hanging up on emergency calls. Crenshanda Williams, 44, was sentenced to 10 days in jail and 18 months of probation for interfering with emergency […]

Southwest Airlines engine explosion: US orders fan blade inspections

Image copyright EPA Image caption Signs of metal fatigue were found where the fan blade separated from the engine, experts said US aviation authorities have ordered inspections of jet engines after a mid-air explosion that punctured an airliner’s window, killing a passenger. The Federal Aviation Administration said the “airworthiness directive” required inspections of certain CFM56-7B […]

Manhattan nanny Yoselyn Ortega guilty of murdering children

Image copyright Reuters Image caption The prosecution said Ortega’s actions were premeditated A nanny has been found guilty of murdering two children she stabbed at their luxury New York City apartment. Yoselyn Ortega had pleaded insanity, but the jury rejected that defence as they unanimously convicted her. The bloody bodies of Lucia “Lulu” Krim, six, […]

US senators allowed to bring babies into chamber

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Senator Tammy Duckworth has said parenthood isn’t just a women’s issue The US Senate has agreed new rules that allow members to bring infants into the chamber when they vote. The move comes a week after Tammy Duckworth became the first sitting US senator to give birth while in […]

Puerto Rico hit by first island-wide blackout since Hurricane Maria

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Puerto Ricans have suffered repeated power cuts since Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico has suffered an island-wide power outage nearly seven months after Hurricane Maria destroyed much of the island’s infrastructure and power grid. The US territory’s power authority, known as Prepa, said it was working to restore service to almost […]

Tammie Jo Schults: Southwest pilot praised for safe landing

Image copyright Facebook/MidAmerica Nazarene Image caption Capt Shults (left) was among the first cohort of female fighter pilots to transition to tactical aircraft A pilot who safely landed a Southwest Airlines passenger plane after a jet engine ripped apart mid-air has been praised as a hero by passengers. Tammie Jo Shults captained Flight 1380 to […]

Trudeau met by anti-Kinder Morgan pipeline protests in UK

Image copyright Courtesy Greenpeace Image caption Greenpeace activists scaled two entrance pillars to drop banners at the Canadian High Commission Canadian PM Justin Trudeau was met in the UK with anti-pipeline protesters angry over the controversial Kinder Morgan project. Mr Trudeau says Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is in the national economic interest. The […]

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