German firm apologises for ‘racist’ post linked to Meghan Markle

Image copyright Facebook – Super Dickmman’s Image caption The controversial image, posted on the day of the royal wedding, has been deleted A German company has apologised after posting an image of a chocolate-covered marshmallow sweet in a bridal dress on the day of the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Super Dickmann’s post […]

Turkish lira dives against the dollar

Image copyright AFP The Turkish lira has fallen more than 5% to hit a record low against the US dollar. The currency has lost more than a fifth of its value this year as fears grow that the government might undermine the powers of Turkey’s central bank. Many investors want to see a rise in […]

Italy election: Populist PM candidate Conte faces CV scrutiny

Image copyright EPA Image caption Giuseppe Conte is not an MP and is a complete unknown in Italian politics The law professor nominated to be Italy’s next prime minister is facing allegations he embellished his CV. Giuseppe Conte, 54, says on his resume that he “perfected his legal studies” at New York University. But a […]

Zuckerberg’s European Parliament testimony criticised

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Mr Zuckerberg stayed beyond the allotted 75 minutes but did not answer all questions put to him Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has apologised to EU lawmakers for the company’s role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal and for allowing fake news to proliferate on its platform. Mr Zuckerberg apologised for […]

Israel complains over Dutch TV Eurovision parody

Israel complains over Dutch TV Eurovision parody

Image caption Critics say the parody draws on anti-Semitic themes The Israeli embassy in the Netherlands has lodged a complaint over a parody of Israel’s Eurovision winner that criticised Israeli policies and prompted accusations of anti-Semitism. The skit on Netta Barzilai’s Toy was broadcast on Saturday during a primetime satirical show. The parody drew on […]

Danish minister Stojberg provokes Ramadan row

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Ms Stojberg argues that an 18-hour fast could affect safety in some jobs in Denmark Denmark’s immigration minister has been widely rebuffed after she suggested Muslims should take time off work during Ramadan because of potential safety risks to the rest of society. Inger Stojberg, who has a reputation […]

Belarus slams UK embassy over rainbow flag on day against homophobia

Image copyright Instagram – UK embassy in Minsk Image caption A video of the flag was posted on the embassy’s Instagram account Belarus has slammed the UK embassy in Minsk for flying a rainbow flag on the International Day Against Homophobia, calling LGBT relationships “fake”. In a lengthy statement, the Interior Ministry said the UK […]

Turkey coup trial: Court to jail 104 ex-military for life

Media captionMr Erdogan addressed an Istanbul crowd a year after the failed coup A Turkish court has sentenced 104 former military officers to life in prison for their involvement in a 2016 coup attempt, state media report. They were given “aggravated life sentences”, which come with tougher terms than a normal life sentence. The country’s […]

Italy populist government pact: Candidate for prime minister named

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Lawyer Giuseppe Conte (at right, with Luigi Di Maio) is the preferred choice of the populists for PM Law professor Giuseppe Conte has been named as the choice of the Five Star Movement and League to lead the coalition government. The leaders of the two parties have been holding […]

French Muslim student Maryam Pougetoux hits back over headscarf claims

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Maryam Pougetoux received abuse on social media after appearing on TV while wearing her headscarf A French student union leader who has been accused by ministers of using her headscarf for political gain has hit back, calling the claims “pathetic”. France’s interior minister has personally criticised Maryam Pougetoux, who […]