Breast screen error ‘could have been spotted earlier’

Image copyright AFP Image caption Breast cancer screening is offered once every three years to women aged 50 to 70 in England Thousands more women in England may have missed out on breast screening invitations dating back further than previously thought, according to a leading cancer expert. Earlier this month, the health secretary said a […]

Cancer patient feels ‘privileged to be alive’ after NHS trial treatment

Cancer patient feels ‘privileged to be alive’ after NHS trial treatment

Image copyright NIHR Image caption Cathy Perkins was given only months to live before starting a NHS trial A musician from Manchester has spoken of her joy at the NHS clinical trial which has given her the chance of an extended life. Professional viola player Cathy Perkins, 63, who has melanoma in her finger, was […]

Water resistant sunscreen claims ‘meaningless’, says Which?

Image copyright Getty Images Water-resistant sunscreen products work much less well after they have been worn in the sea, a consumer group has warned ahead of the summer holiday season. Which? tested two products claiming to be water resistant and found the sun protection factor (SPF) dropped by up to 59% after 40 minutes in […]

Bank holiday warning over gardening and DIY accidents

Image copyright Getty Images With the bank holiday weekend coming, many of us may be planning to trim the lawn or do a bit of home improvement. But surgeons have urged us to take care, saying there can be a spike in accidents involving gardening and DIY equipment at this time of year. Severed fingers […]

High levels of screen time linked to cancer and heart disease

Image copyright Getty Images Too much screen time has been linked to heart disease and cancer in a new study. Researchers at the University of Glasgow analysed the amount of time 390,089 people spent looking at TV and computer screens during leisure time. They found that the association between a high level of screen time […]

Campaigners in court over NHS policy

Image copyright Getty Images A judicial review by a group of campaigners challenging government health policy in England gets under way at the High Court later. The group, which was backed by Prof Stephen Hawking before his death, are fighting the creation of accountable care organisations (ACOs). These are to act as partnership bodies incorporating […]

Blitz on sweet treats sees slow start

Image copyright Getty Images The sugar hit in puddings, biscuits and chocolate has not been cut despite a government crackdown on sweet treats. Public Health England has set a target of reducing the sugar intake from a host of popular foods by a fifth by 2020. Its first year update shows progress in yoghurts and […]

Missing microbes ’cause’ childhood cancer

Image copyright SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY Our modern germ-free life is the cause of the most common type of cancer in children, according to one of Britain’s most eminent scientists. Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia affects one in 2,000 children. Prof Mel Greaves, from the Institute of Cancer Research, has amassed 30 years of evidence to show the […]

Doctors explain Michael Jackson’s impossible dance move

Image copyright Manjul Tripathi Neurosurgeons have described in detail how Michael Jackson achieved biomechanically impossible dance moves in his music video Smooth Criminal. In the 1987 routine, Michael leans from the ankle at a 45 degree angle, while keeping his body straight as a rod. The illusion, which many have tried to copy, was thanks […]

BBC presenter Rachael Bland reveals ‘incurable’ cancer

Image copyright Claire Wood Image caption Rachael Bland hosts the podcast You, Me and the Big C with Lauren Mahon and Deborah James BBC presenter Rachael Bland, who blogs about having cancer, says her hopes now rest on clinical trials after being told her breast cancer was “incurable”. The 40-year-old said she had become a […]

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