The unpleasant reason men navigate better than women

Media captionThe video game that’s actually dementia research Men are better at navigating than women, according to a massive study, but there’s not much for men to be proud about. Scientists at University College London say the difference has more to do with discrimination and unequal opportunities than any innate ability. The findings come from […]

How smallpox claimed its final victim

Image copyright Other Image caption Janet Parker worked as a photographer at Birmingham Medical School Warning – this story contains graphic images. In the summer of 1978, the last known case of smallpox was reported, claiming the life of 40-year-old medical photographer Janet Parker. But how did the disease, thought to have been eradicated across […]

Gel and acrylic nails allergy warning

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Allergic reactions from gels and pastes can cause a rash anywhere they touch the body Skin experts are warning a chemical found in gel, gel polish and acrylic nails can cause an allergic reaction. Methacrylate chemicals can cause a severe, itchy rash anywhere on the body, not just the […]

Heatwave blamed for record A&E attendances in England

Image copyright Getty Images The heatwave is being blamed for record numbers of people going to A&E in England in July. As temperatures soared, attendances reached more than 2.1 million – the highest since records began in 2010. The number of patients waiting more than a year for non-urgent surgery also rose to their highest […]

Regular exercise ‘best for mental health’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption All types of exercises were found to improve mental health no matter people’s age or gender Regular physical activity lasting 45 minutes three to five times a week can reduce poor mental health – but doing more than that is not always beneficial, a large US study suggests. A […]

Footballer heart death risk ‘underestimated’

Image copyright Getty Images The risk of footballers dying because their heart stops beating is higher than experts thought, a study suggests. There have been high-profile deaths, including that of Marc-Vivien Foe while playing for Cameroon aged 28. Former England defender Ugo Ehiogu, who was a Spurs coach, died last year aged 44. The study, […]

Ditching tight pants ‘improves sperm count’

Image caption Loose-fitting boxer shorts, like those worn by Gary Lineker on Match of the Day after Leicester City won the Premier League, are linked to improved sperm counts Wearing looser underpants could be a simple way for men to improve their sperm count and the hormones that control it, a US study suggests. In […]

Beauticians dropped from new cosmetic filler register

Image copyright Science Photo Library Beauticians have been banned from joining a new register designed to make getting injected with fillers safer. The voluntary register was opened by the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners in April to everyone trained to a high standard. But now it will include only those with medical training, after doctors […]

Women ‘need to know egg freezing risk’

Image copyright Science Photo Library Women who freeze their eggs need to be aware of the “relatively low success rates” of becoming pregnant, a leading gynaecologist has said. With more women freezing eggs past the age of 35, when chances of conceiving fall, Prof Adam Balen said: “Egg freezing does not guarantee a baby.” However, […]

HIV tests for sale on High Street for first time

Image copyright PA HIV self-testing kits are now available to buy on the High Street for the first time, a retailer has announced. Superdrug said it is now selling the BioSURE test, which provides a result in 15 minutes, in all of its 200 pharmacy stores in the UK for £33.95. It had previously been […]