Student suicide rates overtake non-students

Image copyright Getty Images The suicide rate among UK students is higher than among the general population of their age group, say researchers. A study from the Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention says it means for the first time students have a higher suicide rate than non-students. The Hong Kong-based researchers say that female […]

YouTube star prompts conversation about social anxiety

Image copyright Getty Images Talking openly about social anxiety to people who haven’t experienced it can be really difficult, but a YouTube star was determined to start a conversation with her fans about it. In her candid tweet, Jessie Paege described what it’s like having social anxiety and that it’s not just about staying indoors, […]

Exercise benefits to the brain ‘may be passed on’

Image copyright Getty Images Physical and mental exercise has been found to be beneficial for our brains, but scientists have now found it could also improve the learning ability of our children. In a mouse study, researchers found the benefits gained from these activities were passed on to their offspring, despite not altering their DNA. […]

Woman’s missing jaw regrown by 9cm after cancer

Image caption Val was first diagnosed with cancer in January 2015 A woman who lost her jaw to cancer has had it regrown from her own skin and bone. Val had the bottom of her mouth and chin destroyed by cancer more than two years ago. The 55-year-old was left unable to eat, drink and […]

Private hospitals warned over surgeons

Some of the failings that allowed rogue surgeon Ian Paterson to harm patients have been found to be widespread across private hospitals, inspectors say. The Care Quality Commission said it was concerned about the “old-fashioned” approach to consultants which led to a lack of monitoring and checks. The regulator said it meant there was a […]

Brain injuries increase dementia risk, study finds

Image copyright Science Photo Library People who suffer brain injuries are at increased risk of dementia later in life, a large study suggests. An analysis of 2.8 million people found those who had one or more traumatic brain injuries were 24% more likely to get dementia than those who had not. The risk was greatest […]

More than half your body is not human

More than half of your body is not human, say scientists. Human cells make up only 43% of the body’s total cell count. The rest are microscopic colonists. Understanding this hidden half of ourselves – our microbiome – is rapidly transforming understanding of diseases from allergy to Parkinson’s. The field is even asking questions of […]

Man ends up in A&E after eating world’s hottest chilli

Image copyright Spl A man who ate the world’s hottest chilli pepper in a chilli-eating contest ended up in A&E after experiencing “thunderclap” headaches. The 34-year-old man had eaten one Carolina Reaper chilli in the contest in New York State. The “crushingly painful” headaches came on in the next few days. His experience has been […]

Record number of organ donors in 2017

Image copyright Karen Glean Image caption Ben Glean, who died aged 18, helped make two sight-saving transplants happen A record number of people donated organs in the UK last year, with the highest increase in 28 years. There were 1,575 donors, an 11% increase on the previous year. Ben Glean from Grimsby, who died aged […]

Ipswich Hospital reviews policy after Ed Sheeran visit

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Sheeran had to pull out of a number of dates of his Asian tour after “a bit of a bicycle accident” A hospital launched a review of care given to “high profile” patients after singer Ed Sheeran was treated there for a broken arm, it has emerged. The BBC […]