Syrian girl relives day of ‘chemical attack’

This is the story of Masa, who survived the suspected chemical attack in Syria, in her own words. Speaking on Sunday alongside her mother, she described how she and her family were hiding in a basement when a “barrel” dropped. Syrian girl relives day of ‘chemical attack’}

Israel destroys ‘longest and deepest’ Gaza tunnel

Image copyright Israel military Image caption The tunnel had been under observation for some time, Israel said The Israeli military has disabled a major tunnel dug by militants which reached into Israel from the Gaza Strip, officials say. Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said it was the longest and deepest tunnel of its kind Israel had […]

Iranian drone was sent to Israel ‘to attack’

Image copyright IDF Image caption Israel said the drone it shot down in February was sent by Iran on an attack mission Israel has said the Iranian drone it shot down in February was loaded with explosives and “tasked to attack”. On Friday, Israel’s military said that it came to the conclusion after “flight path […]

Syria air strikes: US still ‘locked and loaded’ for new chemical attacks

Media captionWatch the key moments over 12 hours – in two minutes President Donald Trump has warned Syria’s government the US is “locked and loaded” to strike again if it carries out new chemical attacks. The warning came after the US, UK and France struck three Syrian sites in response to a suspected deadly chemical […]

PJ Crowley: Can Trump walk away after Syria air strikes?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The US leader has all but admitted the broader Syrian war is not a US interest As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump pledged: “If I draw a line in the sand, I will enforce that line in the sand. Believe me.” A year ago, as president, when Mr Trump […]

UN Syria debate – Guterres warns of escalation

Media captionUS and Russia ambassadors to the UN clashed over Syria at the UN Security Council The UN’s secretary general has said the Cold War is “back with a vengeance”. Antonio Guterres also warned about the dangers of escalation over Syria. The US and its allies are considering launching missile strikes against Syria after a […]

Fierce clashes continue at Gaza-Israel border fence

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption At least 30 Palestinians have died in recent clashes with Israeli troops at the border fence Fierce clashes have erupted again on the Gaza-Israel border, with Palestinian officials reporting hundreds of people injured. More than 30 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli gunfire since the start of “Flag Friday” […]

Syria ‘chemical attack’: US weighs up military response

Image copyright AFP Image caption The US Navy guided-missile destroyer, the USS Donald Cook, is in the Mediterranean Sea The US says “all options are on the table” in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria, as Western leaders continue to weigh up military action. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters that […]

Algeria military plane crash: 257 dead near Algiers

Media captionFootage of the crash was broadcast on Algerian TV An Algerian military plane has crashed near the capital killing 257 people on board, officials say. The aircraft came down just after taking off from Boufarik military airport, west of Algiers. An inquiry is under way into the cause of the crash – Algeria’s worst-ever […]

US praises Qatar on counter-terrorism

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption President Donald Trump noted that Qatar’s emir “buys a lot of equipment from us” Donald Trump has welcomed Qatar’s leader to the White House, barely a year after denouncing the gas-rich Gulf state as a “funder of terror”. The US president initially sided with Saudi Arabia and other Arab […]