Trump warns Russia on Syria missile threat

US President Donald Trump has tweeted that Russia should “get ready” for missiles to be fired into Syria, in response to an alleged chemical attack at the weekend. Senior Russian figures had threatened to meet any US strikes with a response. Mr Trump previously promised a “forceful” response. President Bashar al-Assad’s government – which receives […]

Syria war: WHO demands access to ‘chemical attack site’

Image copyright AFP Photo/ HO/ Douma City Co-Ordination Committee Image caption Footage from Douma in the aftermath of the attack appeared to show people using water to counteract the effects The World Health Organization (WHO) has demanded “unhindered access” to Douma in Syria to check reports from its partners that 500 people were affected by […]

‘Hundreds dead’ after military plane crash in Algeria

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Rescuers have been deployed to the site of the crash At least 247 people have died after a military plane crashed in Algeria, media reports say. Twenty-six members of Polisario Front, supported by Algeria and seeking independence from Morocco for Western Sahara, are said to be among the dead. The […]

Iran sets single foreign exchange rate to rescue currency

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Iran relies on money from its oil exports to cover virtually all its expenses Iran’s currency, the rial, lost some 20% against the US dollar in two weeks as Iranians rushed to hedge against depreciation of their assets. Some fear an imminent collapse of the nuclear deal and return […]

Israeli minister praises viral video sniper

Image caption The man in the centre was apparently shot from a distance Israel’s defence minister has said an Israeli sniper who shot a Palestinian across the border in Gaza in a controversial video “deserves a medal”. Footage of the incident, in which a soldier expresses joy at having captured it on film, drew condemnation […]

Dubai to launch digital vehicle number plates

Image copyright Getty Images Drivers in Dubai may soon be using digital number plates under new plans. In a trial starting next month, vehicles will be fitted with smart plates with digital screens, GPS and transmitters. The new plates will be able to inform emergency services if a driver has an accident. Dubai has recently […]

Syria ‘chemical attack’: Trump pledges ‘forceful’ US response

Media captionThe US president has said “nothing’s off the table” – so what options are on the table? US President Donald Trump has promised a “forceful” response to the alleged chemical attack in Syria, as Western leaders consider what action to take. “We have a lot of options militarily,” he told reporters. He added that […]

Syria ‘chemical attack’: Russia and US in fierce row at UN

Image copyright AFP The US and Russia have traded barbs at a UN Security Council meeting on the alleged chemical attack in Syria. Russian representative Vassily Nebenzia said the incident in Douma was staged and that US military action in response could have “grave repercussions”. US envoy Nikki Haley said Russia – a Syrian military […]

Syria conflict: Russia says no evidence of Douma chemical attack

Media captionUnverified video shows children being treated after the alleged gas attack Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said no evidence has been found of a chemical weapons attack in Syria’s formerly rebel-held town of Douma. He said Russian specialists and aid workers had visited the area. Rebel fighters have started leaving the town under […]

Syria conflict: Israel blamed for attack on airfield

Image copyright Google/DigitalGlobe Image caption A satellite image showing the T4/Tiyas airbase in central Syria The Syrian government and its ally Russia have blamed Israel for a deadly attack on a Syrian military airport. Monday’s attack hit the Tiyas airbase, known as T4, near the city of Homs. Observers say 14 people were killed. Israel, […]