New Sega Mega Drive game made on ’90s kit

A new game for the Sega Mega Drive console has been developed using the original tools, 20 years after the games console was discontinued. The BBC’s Chris Foxx met developer Matt Phillips at Nottingham’s National Videogames Arcade, to see how he made his game the ’90s way. New Sega Mega Drive game made on ’90s […]

Facebook testing ‘downvote’ button

Image copyright Getty Images Facebook is testing a new “downvote” button that will let people hide comments and provide feedback about them. However, the social network denied that the new feature was a “dislike” button, which many Facebook users have requested. The downvote button is being tried out by a small number of US users. […]

EE ‘shoebox’ to tackle broadband not-spots

Image copyright EE Image caption EE said its antenna was the size of a shoebox Telecoms company EE has revealed plans to sell a 4G antenna that promises to bring fast broadband internet to thousands of homes in rural areas. EE’s Simon Till said the “shoebox-size” antenna would let more people access the company’s 4G […]

Google-Nest merger raises privacy issues

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Nest was initially a start-up before being acquired by Google’s parent company Tech giant Alphabet is merging its Google and Nest divisions together. The firm suggests the move will aid its efforts to build hardware and software to “create a more thoughtful home”. Nest had run as a standalone […]

Facebook moderator: I had to be prepared to see anything

Image caption Sarah Katz worked at Facebook for eight months This article contains descriptions of child sexual abuse and other acts readers may find disturbing. “It’s mostly pornography,” says Sarah Katz, recalling her eight-month stint working as a Facebook moderator. “The agency was very upfront about what type of content we would be seeing, in […]

Reddit bans deepfake porn videos

Reddit bans deepfake porn videos

Image caption Reddit Reddit has banned “fake porn” – imagery and videos that superimpose a subject’s face over an explicit photo or video without the person’s permission. The move follows the development of artificial intelligence software that made it relatively easy to create clips featuring computer-generated versions of celebrities’ faces. Reddit had become one of […]

Dozens charged for Infraud cyber-crime site

Image copyright Getty Images Thirty-six people have been charged for their alleged involvement in running a cyber-crime service responsible for more than $530m (£381m) of losses. The Infraud Organisation is said to have dealt in stolen credit cards and passwords and engaged in bank fraud and ID theft. As of March 2017, its dark-web-based service’s […]

Deepfake pornographic videos banned by Twitter

Deepfake pornographic videos banned by Twitter

Image caption Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley is one celebrity to have had a computer-generated version of her face featured in a deepfake clip, as seen in this screenshot Twitter is the latest platform to ban a new type of pornographic video that replaces the original actor’s face with that of another person. The clips, […]

Poundland ‘naughty’ elf ad deemed ‘irresponsible’ by regulator

Image copyright Poundland Image caption Poundland has been told that the ads must not appear again in their current form A Poundland ad campaign that featured innuendo and depictions of sexual acts has been deemed “irresponsible” by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The pre-Christmas social media posts featured a “naughty” toy elf and were published […]

BBC launches first augmented reality app for Civilisations

Image caption BBC has launched an augmented reality app that lets people explore historical artefacts virtually The BBC is launching its first augmented reality app. It will enable people to explore historical artefacts from UK museums in virtual exhibitions. It is a companion to BBC Two’s Civilisations series, which will be broadcast in spring 2018. […]