Facebook faces £500,000 fine from UK data watchdog

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Facebook has 28 days to decide whether to contest the fine The UK’s data protection watchdog intends to fine Facebook £500,000 for data breaches – the maximum allowed. The Information Commissioner’s Office said Facebook had failed to ensure another company – Cambridge Analytica – had deleted users’ data. The […]

PayPal told customer her death breached its rules

Image copyright Howard Durdle Image caption This photo of Lindsay and Howard Durdle was taken last year PayPal wrote to a woman who had died of cancer saying her death had breached its rules and that it might take legal action as a consequence. The firm has since acknowledged that the letter was “insensitive”, apologised […]

Why was Elon Musk at the Thai cave rescue?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Elon Musk has tweeted that he visited the Thai rescue operation but did not share images of himself at the site Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk’s attempt to help the Thai cave rescue mission has attracted both praise and criticism. The SpaceX and Tesla chief posted on social media that […]

Broadband speeds in UK slip down global league table

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Openreach is hiring 3,500 engineers to roll out ultra-fast fibre to 3 million more premises in the UK The UK has slipped from 31st to 35th place in the global broadband league tables, behind 25 other European countries, research suggests. Analysis of 163 million broadband speed tests across 200 […]

Mobile phone warning road signs ‘a UK first’

Image copyright Norfolk County Council Image caption Phones that are being used via a vehicle’s Bluetooth system or hands-free will not trigger the warning system A roadside system that detects if a mobile phone is in use in a passing vehicle is being piloted in a UK first. Despite being unable to pick up whether […]

Nazi-themed goods found on Amazon marketplace

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Amazon should be more active in policing its store, rights groups say Amazon is helping hate groups profit by letting them sell Nazi-themed goods on its store, a report suggests. The study found many hate groups were selling goods on Amazon’s store branded with Nazi imagery, including clothing, jewellery and […]

Smart home gadgets in domestic abuse warning

Image copyright Getty Images A list offering guidance to those affected by smart home devices being used to control or harass them within abusive relationships has been published online. It is largely aimed at women. A recent report by the New York Times detailed examples of “technology-facilitated abuse”. This involves devices being activated remotely in […]

Twitter ‘shuts down millions of fake accounts’

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Bots on Twitter are easy to spot and can be quickly shut down, say experts Twitter has shut down up to 70 million fake and suspicious accounts since May, according to the Washington Post. The suspensions and shutdowns were part of a concerted effort by Twitter to clear up the […]

Exoskeleton that allows humans to work and play for longer

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Would exoskeletons allow people to achieve previously undreamt of physical feats? Would you put on an exoskeleton that meant you could run for an entire day without getting tired? What about one that would allow you to stay on your feet longer at work? The technology to give people […]

Banks told to reveal tech meltdown plans

Image copyright Getty Images UK banks have been told to explain how they would cope with a technology failure or cyber-attack. The Bank of England and the Financial Conduct Authority have given financial firms three months to detail how they would respond if their systems failed. Some TSB customers were left unable to access online […]