Facebook Messenger used to fight extremism

Image copyright Getty Images Facebook Messenger has been used to try to deradicalise extremists in a pilot project funded entirely by the company. People posting extreme far-right and Islamist content in the UK were identified and contacted in an attempt to challenge their views. Of the 569 people contacted, 76 had a conversation of five […]

Sony phone adds rumble to games and films

Image copyright Sony Image caption Sony has refreshed the look of its flagship as well as packing new rumble tech inside Sony’s latest top-end smartphone vibrates in time with movie and TV action scenes and video games. The Xperia XZ2’s rumble tech adapts a feature originally developed for the firm’s PlayStation controllers. It also records […]

Samsung Galaxy S9 focuses on the camera

Media captionWATCH: Spencer Kelly gets hands on with the Galaxy S9 New and improved camera capabilities are the main thrust of Samsung’s pitch for its latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S9 and larger S9+. The handsets gain a super-slow-motion facility designed to make it easy to extend key moments of action. They also gain a […]

Nokia reveals ‘unbendable’ 8 Sirocco and Matrix 8110

Media captionWATCH: New Nokia’s include an ‘unbendable’ flagship and a retro slider An Android smartphone billed as being almost impossible to bend by hand has been added to Nokia’s line-up, alongside a simpler slider model that plays on nostalgia for the 1990s. The flagship Nokia 8 Sirocco features a steel frame and lays claim to […]

Mobile World Congress: Why do smartphones look so alike?

Media captionWATCH: The new smell-sensing CAT smartphone dares to look different Is smartphone hardware treading water while industrial designers wait for bendy screens and other flexible, futuristic components to make more radical models possible? And will sales continue to decline until they do? Samsung is casting a long shadow over this year’s Mobile World Congress. […]

BT told to share poles for ultrafast fibre internet

Image copyright Getty Images BT must make it easier for rival internet providers to use its telegraph poles, telecoms regulator Ofcom says. Ofcom has published a list of new measures to make it cheaper for companies to install ultrafast full fibre broadband infrastructure. Connecting homes directly to the fibre network delivers much faster internet speeds […]

Trump says violent video games ‘shape’ young minds

Image copyright Activision President Trump has vowed to “do something” about the violence in games and films watched by younger people. In a meeting at the White House on school safety, President Trump said the violence played a role in shaping the way people saw the world. The meeting was held the week after a […]

The trouble knowing how much screen time is ‘too much’

Image copyright Getty Images Concerns about the harm caused by “too much” screen time – particularly when it is spent on social media – are widespread. But working out what a “healthy” amount might be is far from easy. Headlines rarely soothe nerves. Apple’s Tim Cook recently said he would not want his nephew on […]

Kylie Jenner ‘sooo over’ Snapchat – and shares tumble

Image copyright Getty Images Reality TV star Kylie Jenner wiped $1.3bn (£1bn) off Snap’s stock market value after tweeting that she no longer used its Snapchat messaging app. Celebrity Kim Kardashian’s half-sister posted: “sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh this is so sad.” Snap’s shares sank after […]

White nationalist Jared Taylor sues Twitter over ban

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Jared Taylor is head of American Renaissance which champions “racial difference”. White nationalist Jared Taylor is suing Twitter after the social network banned his account as part of a crackdown on abusive content. Mr Taylor’s lawyer says the suspension of his account is a form of censorship, accusing Twitter […]

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