Cyclone Fani: Powerful storm slams into eastern India coast

Media captionCyclone Fani lashes India’s eastern coast Cyclone Fani has slammed into India’s eastern coastline, according to the country’s Meteorological Department. Heavy rain has been reported in the eastern state of Orissa, also called Odisha, which is directly in the path of the storm. The tourist town of Puri and neighbouring areas are experiencing winds […]

Venezuela crisis: Opposition leader Guaidó vows crippling strikes

Media captionTear gas and water cannon hit Venezuela protesters on Wednesday Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó has called for an escalating series of strikes to force President Nicolás Maduro to relinquish power. Mr Guaidó urged public employees to act on Thursday, saying the stoppages would lead to a general strike. A woman was killed and […]

Venezuela crisis: Defiant Maduro claims victory over Guaidó ‘coup’

Media captionOpposition leader Juan Guaidó is appealing to the military for support Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro claimed to have defeated what he called a military coup attempt by the opposition leader, Juan Guaidó. Dozens of National Guardsmen sided with the opposition in clashes on Tuesday that injured more than 100 people. But in a defiant […]

Venezuela crisis: Guaidó calls for more protests as Maduro defiant

Media captionOpposition leader Juan Guaidó is appealing to the military for support Juan Guaidó has appealed for his supporters to take to the streets of Venezuela again on Wednesday, after a day of violent clashes on Tuesday. President Nicolás Maduro, whom the opposition leader is trying to unseat, remains defiant despite the protests. In a […]

Japanese Emperor Akihito begins historic abdication

Media captionThe day’s ceremonies began with several private rituals in the Imperial Palace Emperor Akihito is preparing to step down from the throne, becoming the first Japanese monarch to abdicate in more than 200 years. Tuesday’s ceremonies began with private rituals in Tokyo’s Imperial Palace. The 85-year-old has been given legal permission to abdicate after […]

US deputy attorney general tells Trump he quits

Image copyright AFP Image caption Rod Rosenstein: “We enforce the law without fear or favour” Rod Rosenstein, the US deputy attorney general who oversaw the special counsel inquiry into President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia, has resigned. Mr Rosenstein, who had a fraught working relationship with Mr Trump, will step down on 11 May in […]

‘Yeti footprints’: Indian army mocked over claim

Image copyright Indian Army Image caption India’s army said it had found footprints of the Yeti The Indian army has claimed to have found footprints of the yeti, sparking jokes and disbelief on social media. The army tweeted to its nearly six million followers on Monday that it had discovered “mysterious footprints of mythical beast […]

San Diego synagogue shooting: One person dead in Poway, California

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Police quickly sealed off the scene of the shooting in Poway A gunman opened fire at a synagogue in California on Saturday, killing one woman and wounding three other people, police said. A 19-year-old man named as John Earnest was arrested after the attack, in Poway, north of the city […]

Cyclone Kenneth: Entire villages wiped out, says UN

Media captionEyewitness captures moment Kenneth hits northern Mozambique A powerful cyclone has “entirely wiped out” villages in Mozambique, according to a UN official. Gemma Connell, the head of the regional Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), said it looked from the air like areas had been “run over by a bulldozer”. Cyclone Kenneth […]

Four die as crane collapses across Seattle street

Image copyright Reuters Image caption A section of the crane plunged into Mercer Street, Seattle Four people were killed and three others injured when a construction crane collapsed in the US city of Seattle. Cars were crushed when the crane fell from a building site and into a road in the South Lake Union district, […]