‘Lonely gifs’ by Motocross Saito celebrate solitude in Japan

From walking on a rainy street to smoking outside a convenience store, a series of pensive gifs depicting solitude have recently struck a chord in Japan. Freelance illustrator “Motocross” Saito spoke to the BBC about why he made them, and why he thinks they have resonated. Video by the BBC’s Mariko Oi and Joshua Lim. […]

DR Congo crisis: On Kasai’s hunger road

Fergal Keane reveals the crisis along a road in the Democratic Republic of Congo that threatens hundreds of thousands. Nearly half a million severely malnourished children are at risk of starvation in the country’s Kasai region. The UN has just declared the crisis in DRC as the highest level of emergency – the same as […]

After Weinstein, Trump sexual misconduct accusers demand action

Decades ago, Jessica Leeds says Donald Trump groped her on a flight. It’s a story she first shared during the 2016 election – and multiple other women soon followed suit. Now, some of them are demanding that Congress holds the president accountable for the allegations. The BBC’s Rajini Vaidyanathan reports. After Weinstein, Trump sexual misconduct […]

Syrian army deserters on why they had to escape the civil war

Seif and Ghadir are deserters of the Syrian army. They both describe the army as slavery and talk of little food and bad conditions. One of them said that his monthly salary was around $50. They both fled to neighbouring Lebanon where they work illegally. Syrian army deserters on why they had to escape the […]

Hunting the shipwrecks of the slave trade

Off the western tip of mainland Africa lie some of the most important vestiges of the transatlantic slave trade – the wreckage of ships that sank, as they were carrying thousands of African men, women and children to the Americas. Now a team of scientists is trying to use the wrecks to learn more about […]

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