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It figures to be a slow season for turnover. More than one-fifth of the 130 FBS programs changed coaches (27) … and most of them actually waited until the offseason to do it. That doesn’t mean there won’t be turnover, just less than we have experienced as of late.

The nine coaches listed below are either in a “win now” situation … or they are getting close to it. They range from a college football superpower in USC to a humble program in Ball State. Winning still trumps all, particularly in these days of unprecedented spending (and at times unprecedented debt).

Below is our ratings key. Here’s how the 130 FBS coaches sort out. There are nine on the proverbial hot seat entering the season with another 12 starting to feel the heat.

That leads us to the annual Hot Seat Rankings and the eight of Power Five coaches that need to figure out a way to cool things down before 2019 comes to a close. Check out our complete set of 2019 Hot Seat Rankings for ratings of all 130 FBS coaches entering the season.


Graphic by Michael Meredith

Check out the full set of 2019 Hot Seat Rankings for all 130 FBS programs.

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